Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
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I appreciate the tremendous grace and tenderness with which Savarna guided me through this experience and through this time of spiritual exploration in general.  She has an open, natural, warm, and compassionate spirit which helped me feel comfortable sharing intimate ideas and experiences with her. That is itself was
inspiring and touching to encounter.  
I am deeply grateful to have grown from working with such a gifted hypnotherapist and an incredibly perceptive and generous counselor, and to have been 
touched by her beautiful energy 
as well. 

Savarna's gentle guidance, expertise and support enabled me to reach broader realms. She helped me to go deep into myself to access my core spiritual SELF. Now in my day-to-day life I’m sourcing more from this true self, feeling enhanced intuitions and receiving ongoing inner guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you Savarna, for doing this work so that I can now experience a richer and more deeply 
connected and guided life!   
 L.T. Healer and Author, Felton, CA

It started with pain in my shoulder. 
My doctor said I should try a hypnotherapist he knew. That wasn’t what I expected to hear, but the pain had gone on so long, I figured I should leave no stone unturned. Savarna helped me get to a deeper level of relaxation than I could ever remember feeling. The shoulder turned out to be just the first of many stones we would “unturn.” 

Working with Savarna has not just helped me physically. My shoulder pain is gone.I have more energy and I’m more agile and flexible. But just as important, mentally, I’m calmer, more balanced and more 
focused. I feel like I’ve turned back the clock 15 years.

I wouldn’t change my experience with
 Savarna for anything. 

J.K.  Corporate Communications Capitola, CA

I worked with Savarna prior to my Phd  licensing examination. I had prepared 
diligently for the exam but found myself
 prone to unnecessary stress in the weeks leading up to the exam. 
Savarna gave me coping strategies to approach the exam with focus and ease. After the exam, I was the only one of my classmates that felt good about the experience and was able to enjoy the time afterward without stress while awaiting the results. 
Savarna made me extremely comfortable
 in her presence and guided me to find appropriate strategies to meet a challenging event in my career. I can recommend her without hesitation to 
anyone looking for support 
a difficult time.
H.G.  Phd  Santa Cruz, CA

Savarna is much more than the sum of her specialties or certifications. She has a deep understanding of the human condition and how to help people move towards integration and healing. I came in with a range of concerns from the concretely physical (old injury, chronic pain ), to the abstractly spiritual (feeling like a shell of my former self, wondering if I'd missed my purpose in life). With Savarna's help, I have come to an amazing new connection with my body and my life in general. 

Hypnotherapy has helped my verbal mind connect to the wordless bodily parts of me that I wasn't in tune with - my gut, my feet, my injured area - finding an inner sense of what my body needs to be strong.

 It has helped me feel the quieter pieces of my nervous system, knowing when and how I need to rest properly. The more completely I connect with the body and learn to truly rest and relax, the more my higher-level problems have seemed to unmake themselves.

 I love that our sessions are recorded as well. Savarna's poetic, intuitive, individualized guidance for entering hypnosis is now my go-to sleep aid, and listening to the talking pieces afterwards has helped solidify the insights I've had.

S. H.  Scientist/Mother Santa Cruz, CA
I came to a point where I realized that I wanted much more out of life.  I had been feeling stuck, living in a rut and knew that I was missing out on really living.  With Savarna's help I began  to cast out some old beliefs about being unworthy or undeserving. I began to rediscover my spiritual nature, find my own wisdom and even got back on my bicycle again.  I am feeling healthier and more at peace- body, mind and spirit.
M.T. Engineer,  Los Gatos, CA 

My Life Between Lives session was amazing. I never thought I could feel so much love, clarity and gratitude. Savarna was an excellent and experienced guide for me.
Her humor and calm way of being put me right at ease.  I feel I have now opened a door to my inner Self that will serve me for the rest of my life.
H.R. San Jose, CA
You helped me grow immensely. To have your calm guidance over time has been a blessing in so many areas of my life.  Free of so many of the chains, addictions and habits that held me back I am now creating a life of love and purpose.  Thank you!
B.B Entrepreneur. San Jose, CA