Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
On-line sessions available

“Feel yourself being gently drawn by the 
 deeper pull of what you really love.”

It seems that my life has been dictated by an inner drive to find what is real, what is worth really wanting and 
in looking for ways to find it.

This path has taken me to colleges, meditation centers, work places and art studios. It has taken me to India & Turkey
 and to my own back yard. It has taken 
me here to this place and to the 
offering of Healing Journeys.

I am grateful for the opportunity to
 play a part 
in a 
healing and transformation. 

It feels to be  both a privilege 
and  a fulfillment of a heart’s     desire.

Savarna has much experience in healing, counseling and teaching. Exploring Holistic Heath was an early interest. In the 1970s she began her study and practice of yoga and contemplative Christianity, took her first class in hypnotherapy, completed a Holistic Health training program and worked as a Holistic Health Educator and Massage Therapist.  

Working with children who did not speak led her to appreciate the richness of non-verbal communication. Exploring their drawings opened the way to study the power of symbol and image to communicate. She developed a BA program in Art Therapy at University of California, Santa Cruz and in 1983 graduated with honors for her thesis and for her major.

A Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology allowed her to study the workings of the mind and heart and explore ways people cope with challenge. Focusing on the Ways People Pray, she was one of the first to do graduate work in psychology on the subject of prayer and won honors in this study in 1988.

Twenty years experience working as a hospice chaplain has offered incredible lessons about death and life. Being a member of an Ethics Board for end-of-life issues and her on-going studies in inter-religious dialog continue to enrich perspectives on what is universal in the human experience. Savarna presents Partners in Caring workshops to clergy and faith leaders on end-of-life issues as well as offering support to hospice staff members.

The study and practice of hypnosis, NLP, Generative Trance, Dream work and other modes of working that acknowledge the importance of our sub conscious patterning has brought great fulfillment. “It is exciting to see the ways people change, the resiliency of spirit and the on-going affirmation that all the wisdom we need is inside.”

Savarna has been an instructor for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy School, The School of Hypnoenergetics ( Past Life Regression) and currently teaches a specialized form of hypnosis for The Newton Institute.


Certified as a: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist and Medical Hypnosis Practitioner 2005+
Certified in Spiritual Regression/Life Between Lives Therapy by The Michael Newton Institute 2010
NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing) Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level from NLP of California. 2010
Certified as a Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator - via Pete Smith Australia 2018
Trained in Generative Trance Work, Steve Gilligan 2018
Past Life regression with Brain Weiss 
Alchemical Hypnotherapy- Medical Hypnosis -Body/Mind connection.
In depth study and experience in hospice care, end of life issues and providing spiritual care for diverse populations 1999- present.
Shamanic Dream work.. Robert Moss
Empathic Intuition...Wendy de Rosa
Permaculture Design 🌿 Santa Cruz Permaculture 

Teaching Credentials in Psychology, Counseling and Fine Arts -College level 1987
Certified Holistic Health Educator, CMT Massage/Reiki/Polarity/Bach Flower Remedies 1976-79

Affiliations with diverse spiritual communities:
Teacher/ practitioner of Ashtanga yoga/meditation 1975+ (Mount Madonna Center)
Oblate with Camaldoli Order. (Big Sur, Ca) 1993+
Practitioner with Inner Light Ministries (Agape Tradition) 2002+
Member of the Mevlevi Order of Sufis ( Tradition of Rumi ) 2010

Teaching Experience
​Instructor- Hypnosis at The Institute for Transpersonal Studies -2006 +

Instructor in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for The Newton Institute. 2014+
Alliance Trainer for the school of Hypnoenergetics/Newton Institute - Past Life Regression. 2017
Heart of Hospice - Staff support retreats for Hospice of Santa Cruz County on-going.
​Presenter Yoga/Spiritual Living at Mount Madonna Center - On-going.
Partners in Caring- Outreach to clergy and faith leaders for Hospice of Santa Cruz County. On-going
La Manzana Resource Center- Education Program Coordinator 1999
Stress Management- UCSC, Cabrillo College, and SC City Schools 1990
Draw Your Dreams workshops exploring art therapy. 1983+