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Quantum Consciousness Experience
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What happens in a session

In a QCE you are gently guided into "The Remembering" of who you are in a greater context. Beyond your current body, personality, history and story there is a greater field of Self/Awareness/Consciousness that has expressed through-out time, place and dimension. 
In QCE we hold the knowing that our current self is a portal to the all that is and the all that we have been. We rest in the knowledge that we are here to evolve and create and that there is support for us to do just that.
 As Albert Einstein once said, " we live in a friendly universe'. QCE is an avenue to connect with that support that is offered from the greater aspects of self.  

There are two questions that we hold in the field of this support. 

  •  Is there an aspect of self that seeks healing?                                                   
  • Is there an aspect of self that has wisdom and healing to share?

We bring these questions, and an respectful curiosity to ever widening
 aspects of self.
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 The Quantum Consciousness Experience is based on 
 5 principals and four key concepts:


The Five Principles of Quantum Consciousness

1. We are a human portal to all realms of consciousness.

2. Our unique consciousness has the pure intention to evolve.

3. Our intention to evolve embraces multi-dimensional interactions with others.

4. As we unite intentions with others we amplify consciousness.

5. As we heal we send a wave of evolving consciousness through the Holographic Universe, offering healing on a larger level.

Key Concepts-

“The Creator Effect” , based on the studies of the Observer Effect, this concept underscores the power of our attention and intention.

“Intanglement” embraces the concept of the Quantum principle of “Entanglement” that proposes that once something has experienced connection, an enduring link is created that goes beyond time and space. "Intangement" is used in this modality as a way to understand how we can be in touch with different aspects of self across time and dimension. 

“Everywhereness” works on the Quantum principle of “Non locality' and the assumption that we exist in all dimensions at the same time and that we can visit these places to find the healing and wisdom. 

“Holographic Healing” works on the Quantum principle that we live in a “holographic universe”. In QCE, we understand that healing does not happen in the particular, that is, since we are all connected, as one person heals, gain insight or freedom, this ripples out to all..
Pete Smith and I enjoying a pre-training meal...I have been fortunate to work along side Pete for the Newton Institute as a fellow  Board Member, Research enthusiasts and Instructors in both Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. I joined Pete in offering a three day facilitator training in The Quantum 
Consciousness Experience. 
 San Fransisco area 
April 5-7th. 2019

More US trainings
are being planned for 2020
Please contact me if interested.

The Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is an adventure in consciousness which offers the opportunity to explore a greater sense of Self as expressed on many levels of being. Developed by Pete Smith, this modality is rooted in the concepts of Quantum Physics and invites us to expand our understanding of time, space and dimension.  

 What happens in a session.....

Beginning with the current life experience, we bring the two main questions ( is there a need for healing or an offering of wisdom )  to empower the current self as we access the stored experiences of this life time. This is to make peace with challenging life events and/or  to harvest wisdom gained to go forward more powerfully. 

We continue by exploring other aspects of self, such as investigating interesting choice points with in this life. "the roads not taken" that may hold important lessons and  opportunities. This can help in letting go of guilt or regret and to free any energy that may have been stuck in a feeling of.. "what if I would have?"   Often people have a sense of fulfillment and greater understanding about the choices they have made.

We also open the opportunity to explore "parallel' lives in human form. Usually this kind of exploration is thought of as past life regression, but in the quantum view, all events are simultaneous and so we open access to past, parallel or future lives.

Continuing on, we explore more widely. An interesting discovery in this work has been that people in expanded states often connect with a sense of self as expressed in different dimensions and in different forms. It is this plane of existence that we bring these questions, seeking healing or gaining wisdom. 

From this expanded place there is an invitation to feel into the interconnectedness of all forms and the healing that is available across all selves. This often leads to a beautiful sense oneness which can be a profound experience that is beyond words.

Though presented linearly, the process takes its own form sometime engaging with all of the aspects of consciousness, other times, when there is much to share in one or two aspects, a session may focus more directly there. 
Sessions are between 2.5  and 3 hours in length.

 It is an exploration that is best suited to someone who is familiar with easing into expanded states of consciousness. 
Meditation, experience with hypnosis, dream work, shamanism are all good types of preparation.

Curious if this is a fit for you?  Contact me, I am happy to share more.

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Are you curious to know more??

Here is short video description of the work.   

Below  that are  some of the philosophical 
foundations of QCE.

A  more detailed description of the work folfollows.