Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
On-line sessions available

Healing Journeys uses hypnosis and the related modalities of NLP, Voice Dialog and Deep trance-weaving, to work with the conscious and sub-conscious mind to create lasting, positive changes.  With these modalities we use relaxation of the body and mind as well as imagery and imagination to access deeper thoughts and feelings. 
With compassion, acceptance and a openness to explore satisfying solutions, we work together to find new perspectives, actions that bring fulfillment and an alignment with an inner core of peace, power and possibility.

​Healing Journeys Hypnotherapies 
can help you to:

Navigate times of life transition
Find freedom from fears and anxiety
Increase health and wellness
Drop destructive habits
Release stress
Find motivation
Deepen spiritual connection
Develop intuitive abilities
Explore expanded states of consciousness 
Enjoy deep and peaceful sleep
Develop confidence
Powerfully prepare for- 
       performances, public speaking, 
      sports, interviews and other events
Jump start creativity
Accelerate healing
Prepare for and recover from surgery
Create new neuro brain 
  pathways that make change easier

When is the time for positive change? 

So often we think we will always will have more time.. 
  -more time to heal,  
  -more time to go for what we really want    -more time to love,  
  -more time to be a good example,  
 - more time to take a risk, to be                 creative, to be fulfilled, to be               inspired.....
Always, more time to be at peace.

As a long time Hospice Chaplain and educator, I have been with many people as they have come to the end of their lives.

 I’ve listened to the sharing of joys, and regrets, stories of love and accomplishment and of missed opportunities. 

One of the gifts of this work has been to appreciate more fully the fulfillment that comes from listening to and acting on the deeper call of the heart.

Is there something you want to experience, explore, 
understand or heal??  

Is there a talent, a voice, or a message that 
you want to express?  

Are you ready to start the adventure?

Therapeutic Hypnosis is proven to be the most effective
and fastest route to solve emotional issues”.
“The Average Success Rate for…
Psychoanalysis was 38% after 600 sessions.
Behavior Therapy was 72% after 22 sessions.
Hypnotherapy was 93% after only 6 sessions."
Source: Psychotherapy Magazine
(Vol. 7, No.1, Alfred A. Barrios, PhD)