Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
On-line sessions available

For such a time as this.....
 The presence of the corona virus is pushing us to alter our 
daily lives in significant ways.  In this period of isolation, connection with 
each other and with our most potent inner resources is
 more important than ever. 

How can we allow this time of change to change us in 
the most positive way.....? 
We can use it well! 

The "Lockdown Special"

Are you home with the kids all day or alone and feeling isolated? A weekly check-in can help.

We will be using the power of the body-mind connection to keep you strong and balanced. These one hour sessions allow you to keep current with what you want to maintain while giving an opportunity to release the fears and frustrations the often come in times of change. Enjoy being deeply heard and then guided in the use of hypnosis to find your inner peace, wisdom and clarity for daily life so you can bring your best for yourself and for those you love.

Session can include a customized recording for your on-going use.

Deep Clearing and Empowerment for a New Beginning

A series of six  
75 minute sessions. $900.

Finding yourself with time to do the inner work you have been putting off?  Starting where you are...we craft a series of sessions that addresses wellness on many levels and can include working with:

Physical Health
Emotional Balance
Mental Calm
Energetic Clearing
Spiritual Explorations
"Soul Centered Living" 
Gifts and Challenges of the Empath
Bach Flower Remedies
Dream Work 
Therapeutic Imagery 

Right now, most people are choosing to meet by zoom, phone or FaceTime. Depending on circumstance, we can choose 
what is right for you.