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Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
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“I found an amazing love...a love and a sense of compassion that      was beyond  what I had thought possible”

“I am not afraid of death anymore. I know now that the spirit lives on.”

"I feel a freedom to express myself, accept myself, and live 
my life more authentically.”

 Life Between Lives hypnotherapy sessions can give a glimpse into what is possible. Using deep states of hypnosis we facilitate the awareness and communication with the soul self- 
the self that exists
 before birth and after death.

Especially important in these times of change and challenge, LBL can give a greater perspective to understand 
the world and your place in it.

What is the purpose of my life?  
Am I living in a way that fulfills this purpose? 
How can I understand the challenges I have had or gifts I've been given?
Why do I feel so close to certain people as if I have known them forever....?

In an LBL session it is possible to address these and other questions about life circumstance from a much wider perspective.   Dr Michael Newton, a behavioral psychologist, pioneered this work in an exhaustive study of more than 7000 cases over 30 years time. Though a skeptic at first, Dr. Newton’s experiences with clients taught him about a realm that many refer to as home.  

A LBL session goes beyond general past life regressions in that the exploration is focused on the experience of the realm of spirit where the soul exists in between incarnations. A place of resting, healing, learning, and love.

While each session is different, some of the common experiences that clients may have include:

  •  A visit to a Place of Restoration that offers an experience of cleansing and release from residual feelings and impressions that can veil the essential nature.  
  • Experience Connection with Guide(s) who directs, answers questions and envelopes one in love.
  • A meeting with a group of friends - a Soul Group, finding a feeling of deep familiarity, love and encouragement.  
  • An encounter with a Council of Wisdom to receive guidance and a sense of overview that spans many incarnations.  
  • A sense of deeper peace and understanding about current life circumstances.  
  • Renewed energy and clarity to fulfill life's soul lessons and joys.

It is important in an LBL session to ​reach deep levels of trance in order to connect with this kind of inner wisdom and experience. The sessions can be  long - 3 to 4 hours in length.   To get the most out of your session, we will have a pre-session conversation to assess the best first step. I will share more information with you on how to craft the kinds of questions to bring to your session as well as how to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the experience.

Experience with hypnosis in general, and having a past life regression in particular, is highly recommended as preparation. Meditation, dream work, shamanistic journeying, process oriented art and imagery exercises are also helpful in opening to these inner states.


As you read this page is something inside you saying yes....?

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​Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

 The Michael Newton
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I've also played a role as a Research Coordinator,     Case Reviewer  
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Please look to our Journal- Stories of the Afterlife and to our latest    book.  

Wisdom of Souls

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I have 3 cases highlighted in this book. Thank you to my clients who offered their stories and teachings for this offering.
Savarna Wiley LBL Instructor