Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
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Past Life Regression

Past life Regression (PLR) is a hypnotic technique that facilitates    the retrieval of deep memory. 

    How do you start?     Is it real?      What is a session like?     How is it helpful?

As in other hypnosis processes, we begin with deep relaxation. Visualizations that are customized for you are used as a bridge to access the impressions, messages, images, and feelings that are common in PLR. If there is a particular relationship, situation, or talent that you want more understanding about we use this to help in linking with a former time and place where there is a connection.  

A typical session is about 2 - 3 hours long, beginning with some conversation followed by time of trance/regression. In trance you will find yourself in deep and comfortable states of relaxation. Healing in itself, this deep relaxation allows for the inner wisdom mind to surface. We invite the conscious ‘chatty’ mind to rest and allow images and impressions like those that come in dreams to become more vivid. You will be guided in this process and encouraged to share freely along the way. You are always safe, always able to return to normal waking consciousness if you were to desire that. We use the impetus that you bring for wanting a session as a bridge to connect with the memories that would be important for you.

I have found that much benefit can come by allowing the wisdom of the deeper mind to speak via the experience of a past life regression. 

One may...
-reconnect with a past learning, skill or sense of confidence
-gain understanding for chronic relationship patterns
- put into perspective the inexplicable sense of a deep connection, or difficulty          with another
-resolve problems and illnesses that do not seem to have a present life source
-understand and release fears ( heights, water, starvation etc.) 
-gain a sense of the immortality of soul

​There are many cases where information gained in a PLR have been verified. Names and dates, knowledge about particular places and people that have emerged in PLR sessions have been researched and confirmed. Though this is possible, my focus is generally one of healing. If the information that comes in a session is a ‘pure’ past life memory or a combination of memory, imagination or history, it all can be useful. As one of my teachers has said. “the soul speaks through image, story and metaphor, let the story unfold as if it is important.”
Becoming comfortable with the trance state and allowing images, feelings and impressions to come without censoring them opens the door. While some people are very visual and ‘see’ in detail, others may get glimpses, have a felt or kinesthetic sense of something, access information by hearing, or simply ‘get’ information intuitively. In the beginning, part of the experience of a PLR is to become accustomed to your own inner language style, to appreciate it and to let it develop as you use these ways of perceiving more and more. 
Whether one’s experience is vivid and dramatic or more vague and subtle, I have come to trust that there is a wisdom in the timing and the kind of an experience a person has, knowing that each step is an important step and one that builds for the future.

Often revisiting an earlier time, bringing the awareness of a larger perspective and receiving the lessons of the past experience more completely, brings insight, clarity and a freedom from old constraints. In working together we can invite healing of past experiences, open the way to access more positive options and pave the way for a greater fulfillment for you in this life.

Carl Jung, a pioneering psychiatrist who valued the power of image and story, spoke about what he referred to a ‘telious’. Telious is both a state of wholeness that is available and inherent within us and the draw we feel toward this state. Over and over I have witnessed a persons' sub-conscious, or wisdom mind,  elegantly finding ways to communicate and transform obstacles into insights, and unrest into peace. It is a joy to do this work! Being curious, open and trusting in this innate inner drive towards healing is a good first step in your PLR experience.
A past life regression is an important preparation for a Life Between Lives Session.